Monday, March 23, 2009

Chenoa Manor

Please support Chenoa Manor animal sanctuary.

“Chenoa Manor is a non-profit animal sanctuary in southeastern Pennsylvania's Chester County. Our focus is on rescued farm animals and exotics. Chenoa Manor does not accept domestic animals at our sanctuary.
Our mission is centered on animal protection and the promotion of a more humane world through educational programs and events targeted for at-risk teens, while advocating the benefits of a compassionate vegetarian and vegan lifestyle.”

Unfortunately, Chenoa Manor’s founder and director, Dr. Rob Teti, is unable to attend this evening’s event. I personally got a chance to go out and visit with Rob and the animals at the manor last week. The animals treated me as one of their own, the sheep and goats flocked around me, the turkey was on full display for me, and the cows nudged and bumped me as if I were as big as they were! Rob told me he was going to remodel the 200-year old barn on the property into another extension of the sanctuary. The animals will really enjoy being able to hang out in it. This project is estimated to cost around $200,000 so I thought Vegan Drinks Philly could help. Please join me in supporting Chenoa Manor and stop by for their first tour of the season on April 11th!

-Ed Coffin
Vegan Drinks Philly

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