Friday, August 7, 2009

Vegan Drinks Philly 8.27.09!

Vegan Drinks Philly
8.27.09 @ Horizons (upstairs)
5:30 - 8:30 pm
**no cover**bring friends**

It's time again for another Vegan Drinks Philly, the monthly social event for vegans, vegetarians, and veg-curious! Now that we have six months of success behind us, we need to keep the momentum up and see if we keep this going for a year.

Philadelphia is now one of fifteen cities to host regular Vegan Drinks events. Maybe by this time next year there will be hundreds! Thanks to everyone who has been to any of our events so far, because without a crowd, Vegan Drinks Philly wouldn't be possible.

Don't forget to bring friends because everyone is welcome to attend and it might even be a good way to introduce someone to the idea of veganism. For those of us who are already vegan, it's a great way to meet other like-minded people from a variety of interesting backgrounds.

Moving forward, it looks like we will continue to host Vegan Drinks Philly monthly at Horizons and maybe throw in a few special events here and there.
That being said, we do have a quick message from Horizons:

"Horizons is very happy to continue hosting Vegan Drinks Philly this month. As these events become more and more successful, the folks at Horizons wanted to pass on a few reminders about the event. So for those of you who are returning for another Vegan Drinks night and to those of you who will be attending for the first time:

1) This is a much more casual atmosphere than a typical night at Horizons. You can head right upstairs and seat yourself. If you want to experience the full menu and regular dining room service, you can always book a table afterward in the first floor dining room which stays open until 10:00pm.

2) You can order food at the bar or from one of the servers in the dining room. Either way, please have a credit card handy to run a tab. Of course, you can still pay with Cash or with Visa/Mastercard when you're finished, but this step helps the Horizons crew remember who's who and who ordered what!

p.s. Chef Rich Landau was invited to cook at the James Beard House in NYC on Tuesday November 3rd. This is a huge honor for Horizons because he is the first Vegan Chef invited to cook there. If any of you are interested in attending the event, we will have details available at the next vegan drinks!"

So spread the word and don't forget to sign up your email at www(dot)vegandrinksphilly(dot)com

See you there!


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